Say I do to outdoor rooms

A wedding, a new outdoor room and a looming deadline. 
No problem.

Say i do to outdoor rooms

Getting married in the back yard seemed like a good idea. A small gathering of family and friends to witness my exchange of vows with Sonia? Lovely.

Adding an extra 40 square meter outdoor room complete with skylights plus a designer pergola to accommodate guests before the big day? Sure, can do!

A less confident man would probably have put the brakes on. But with the help of the whole DCM team, we extended the existing roof, added in three skylights (thanks Adlux) and built a Kwila deck oiled to perfection.

DCM Roofing - Outdoor Rooms Blog

Four days before the wedding, our new outdoor room was ready, and the fancy pergola built.

Was it worth it? Of course!

A few years on, and we have a sheltered light-filled year-round outdoor room we can use for entertaining our extended family, or for just the two of us. Lovely.

DCM Roofing - Outdoor Rooms Blog

Create your own outdoor room

We work with trusted builders to create outdoor rooms: we can extend your roof or add a new structure (and build decking) for your own entertaining oasis. Our hard-working team goes the extra mile to get things done on time.

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