Why you need to check your gutters

It may be a case of out of mind out of sight, or other home maintenance taking priorities, but now is a good time before winter hits to pay some attention to your guttering.

Autumn leaves combined with grass that has already taken up home in your gutters can cause problems. The weight of soil and organic matter clogging your guttering can also put pressure on guttering, causing leaks, corrosion and bowing.

Clogged gutters also make nice homes for mice and mould!

And let’s not forget what guttering was designed to do in the first place! – To protect the interior and exterior of your home from water damage by controlling the flow of rainwater.

Don’t let the grass grow under your feet (or in your gutters), call the DCM team. Our experts clean single and multi-level residential and commercial properties.

We do spouting too

While the DCM team checks and cleans your gutters, get your spouting (downpipes) cleaned too.  – If your spouting is clogged, rain can’t flow downwards, and will create a backflow to the gutter.  – You know the rest!

As well as expert repairers, we also install new guttering and spouting. With a huge range of materials to choose from, we can talk you through the pros and cons and what’s available to suit the style of your home.