Waterproof membranes

Waterproof membranes (such as Butynol and Epiclad and dekMASTER) do a very important job – they protect your building from moisture.

We’ve been installing quality synthetic rubber membranes for low-pitch and flat roofs across Canterbury for years now. And just like a tile or slate or metal roof, we get asked to fix other installer’s mistakes.

Commercial or residential properties, new applications or repair solutions, it doesn’t matter. You might have a low-pitch roof that needs repairing or replacing. Maybe you’re working with an architect who is suggesting a striking roofline and you want advice on the perfect product. Or perhaps you are simply tired of walking black chalky dust into your bedroom from the ageing upper deck because the original membrane has reached the end of its life. We have the ideal waterproof membrane for you.

Today’s wide synthetic rubber sheets cut down installation time and offer your roof optimal waterproofing capabilities with fewer joins. They demonstrate excellent elasticity, tensile and elongation properties, and they are virtually indestructible by the elements.

And we can’t forget your decks and balconies! Just like your roof, they are surfaces which need protection from moisture. We put our experience with waterproofing membranes to good use, installing fully cured vinyl resin materials, which are perfect for exposed decks. This eliminates the need to paint or stain wooden decks. It resists mildew and rot and will not peel, chip or crack.


We’ve just completed a project which highlights perfectly how DCM Roofing is small enough to care yet big enough to make things easy… It was a small roof we’d been engaged to replace.

No big deal, the sort of thing we do every day. But we have our own scaffolding, so there were no delays in waiting for the hired stuff to be delivered. We did some repairs to the cladding while the roof was off. Again, we were in charge of the timing, and our painter was doing his thing at the same time.

And, since the owner had her focus on her house, she asked us to engage a clerk of works to assess some damage which she felt was an EQC issue. We were her sole point of contact for the whole process. Easy.