Thanks for all you did for us at our Hagley Avenue property in Christchurch. It was sold at Christmas 2015, as close to Christmas when everything finished it was too hard to rent. Roof and everything looked amazing, after you guys, Barry O’Connor’s Crew came in and hung new curtains etc. throughout.

New people turned it into a “Holiday” home.

O’Connor’s also did my sister’s No.2 property replaced kitchen etc, but she didn’t do her roof, as “wasn’t leaking, like ours. Her unit also sold, to next door neighbour. In August we shifted from Gisborne (39years) to Central Wellington, to Trinity Apartments, in College Street, almost opposite Moore Wilson’s Fresh Supermarket We are on 6th Floor.

One thing we all learned from Christchurch is trust investment… it pays to have a good Body Corp, especially after all the battles with EQC.

Happy to recommend you guys for any roofing requirements.

Thank you once again for all your good work. It wasn’t an easy job.

Stephanie Butler

Your roofing team pulled a really long day on Monday and, to their credit, they were still really chipper at the end of it despite things not going to plan!

They worked really well and the garage roof looks great.

If you’re talking to Iain, feel free to let him know that the team did him proud 🙂

Anyway, thanks again – really appreciated your help!

Cheers, Susan