Save money re-roofing

Save money in the long run!

Re-roof now, and relax in the knowledge that you won’t need to tackle this in the future when it comes time to sell, or when you need to spend money on other things. Protecting your home and adding value at the same time is what re-roofing is all about. Spring is a perfect time to get the DCM team booked in to re-roof your home.

Calling all concrete tile roof owners!

If, like my friend Paula, you have a well-loved 1950’s bungalow, with an original concrete tile roof, consider switching to a new COLORSTEEL roof. Sure, you could patch the roof, moss treat and re-point tiles, clean up leaks and water stains as she has done, but over time these costs add up. As for throwing paint at it! Pretty as that might look – as I gently pointed out over a glass of wine – you might as well light that money on fire!

Switching to a COLORSTEEL roof means your home’s foundations will be carrying less weight, and your home will be warmer and drier. At the end of the day, there will come a time when you have to spend money on your roof – do it now and reap the benefits of an improved asset.

The DCM team has been re-roofing Cantabrians’ homes through thick and thin for more than 20 years. We take great pride in our work, are members of the Roofing Association and stand by our workmanship. DCM are experts at all kinds of roofs; COLORSTEEL, iron, slate and concrete tile.

Skylight Perfection

Re-roofing is a perfect time to bring more light into your home. There are some great skylight products on the market including energy-efficient Keylite skylights and MaxLight Tubular skylights that evenly light rooms, even during low-light hours.