Roofing and skylights

We’ve got our hands on some great natural lighting solutions that can be DCM-installed, and wanted to share these with you. – Plus a stairway to more storage heaven!

Light-gathering Skylights

Our Aussie cousins have come up with an ingenious tubular skylight! Even better than their generous product guarantee and attractive range of trims is the amount of sunlight that they capture, leaving rooms evenly lit even during low-light hours.

Fancy Roof Windows

While this may be a posh name for skylights, this reflects the fact that skylights have come a long way. Keylite’s products are energy efficient, block UV rays, look good and provide oodles of light. Best of all, they can come with blinds to control, block and soften daylight.

Keylite Loft/Attic Ladders

Craving more storage space? Your attic could provide storage if only you could access it. The Keylite Loft ladder is both a stylish and clever solution. Easy to install, even easier to use, made with thoughtful touches like slip resistant treads and a trapdoor seal to reduce heat loss.

Thank you to all the people who stopped by my stand at the Star Media Home & Living Show last weekend. It was great to be able to chat and show off what DCM can do for your home.