A new roof can change your outlook

The owners of this Avonhead bungalow decided to do away with hassles and put the cost of painting their roof towards a brand new roof. The DCM team replaced the concrete tile roof with a long-run COLORSTEEL roof, transforming this simple three bedroom bungalow, and increasing the value of their home in the process.

Add value to your home.

Whether you are building new, getting an old roof repaired or replaced, or want some skylights or sky-tubes installed for extra light, the DCM team can take care of any aspect of residential roofing.

Let’s start off with a free* on-site consultation to discuss your needs. We can find the best solution and talk you through the process.

Is your rental property insulated?

Keeping your rental warm and insulated is a key part of new tenancy regulations. Kill two birds with one stone; re-roof your rental and install new insulation at the same time before regulations change in July. DCM can help with both.

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