Protecting your roof

If like most people, your home is your number one asset, it needs to be protected. One way to protect your home – and to add value – is by re-roofing. With the warmer weather approaching (or so Dan the TV One weatherman tells me), now is a good time to book in your re-roofing.​

Top 5 reasons to re-roof your home

  1. Protect your home
  2. Add street appeal – give the neighbours a run for their money!
  3. Improve the value of your property (thinking of selling?)
  4. Reduce maintenance and upkeep – save money in the long run
  5. Give yourself peace of mind

Save Money!

Thinking instead of re-roofing you might get by with painting or patching? Doing things this way, plus the costs of scaffolding, can soon add up and cost you more money in the long run.  Re-roofing means less maintenance and painting over the 30-40-year life of the roof.

Bonus! COLORSTEEL roofs come in about 20 different colours including Desert Sand, Mist Green, New Blue Denim, Pioneer Red and a range of grey tones.

Let the Light Shine in

If re-roofing is on the cards, this is a good time to consider adding more light to your home. Skylights have come a long way since their ’80s and ‘90s heyday!

Keylite Skylights

One of the best skylight product ranges on the market is Keylite. Their products are energy efficient, block UV rays and best of all provide more light. They also come with a range of accessories including blinds to control, block and soften daylight.

MaxLight Tubular Skylights

Evenly light rooms even during low-light hours with MaxLight Tubular skylights. Designed specifically for New Zealand conditions, the dome, tube and diffusion system has been cleverly designed to capture sunlight and move it indoors.