Meet the team

We call a spade a spade. We do what it says on the packet. No nonsense. Just plain and simple. That’s what we like about our team. You can rely on us, and we’re a good bunch of girls and guys. Meet our team. Welcome to the real world.

Team of twenty

You know you’ve got an established business going when you employ a crew of 20 or more. It’s not been easy, that’s for sure. There have been plenty of bumps along the way, but you can probably all relate to that. We’re all human. I’ve been broke, and I’ve been sick. But I’ve come back from that to build a great team that I’m proud of.

Diversity is key

What I love about the people you’ll come into contact with at DCM Roofing is the diversity. We employ 16 to 56 years olds; we employ people from over seven nationalities, and we all get along. Most of the time.

Keeping well

What’s important is that we talk to each other. We care about each other. Recently we had a Wellbeing Specialist come and speak to us about keeping well physically, mentally, and emotionally. We like to stay balanced. Both in work and at play.

First things first

It’s often the simple things that matter in life. Like keeping the sites we work on clean and tidy. That’s important to you, so it’s important to us. We recognise your home is your castle, and we want to keep it that way.

And then there’s the boss

My first job was as a fix-it guy over 25 years ago. I got paid in pies and enough money to buy a ladder. And I still insist on tidy sites. I didn’t know much about roofing back then, but I like to learn, solve problems and create solutions for you.

You may be thinking this is just another sales pitch, but I would like to say we do occasionally muck things up. As much as we always strive to do our best. We’re human, and we’re keeping it real. We talk about it with you and find a solution. Easy as that.

Iain McPhail

Licensed Building Practitioner

Aced it!

More often than not, we get awesome feedback from our customers. The other day a customer told me how great it was to see our guys helping each other out. We’ve got several apprentices with us at the moment, and some of the more experienced team members were showing the newbies how to get the job done. Nice work, lads!


“You helped me visualise what I really wanted.”

A homeowner wanted a skylight, but she didn’t realise she could have one as big as she ended up with. We have the expertise and the skills to understand your needs. Seeing the bigger picture is what we do. And knowing the detail is second nature to us.