Love Christchurch, love your home

At DCM Roofing Ltd, we’re excited to see how Christchurch is coming along.

Have you popped into the central city lately? It’s looking pretty amazing – new bars, cafes, shops and offices – people thronging everywhere.

Is your house looking just as fabulous?

We’re doing our bit making people’s houses look more awesome too. The earthquakes were tough and we all know it. Your roof might have had some temporary repairs but maybe you’ve been putting off a more serious effort. Or maybe it’s simply time to tackle some of that ‘too hard basket’ work. Let us help you move on, whatever your roofing needs.

We can also provide expert roofing reports for EQC or insurance assessments. Using our drone, we can safely assess the state of your roof. We will provide you with a report based on our extensive knowledge and experience in roofing, and identifying earthquake-related issues.

If your roof needs some TLC, call DCM Roofing for a solution.