Long Run Roofing Benefits

“Why should I choose a Colorsteel or Colorcote roof for my house?” 

is a question we are often presented with. And no matter whether you’re planning a new home, or making sure your current home is properly protected, here are 7 reasons to consider using long run metal roofing:

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Metal roofing is very lightweight. In Canterbury especially, our clients do consider how much building material sits suspended above their heads. Tiles and concrete tiles can be ten to twenty times heavier than metal roofing solutions. For new homes and additions, this weight-saving can mean you need less substantial, and less costly, foundations.

Speed of Installation

Most metal roofing materials (such as Colorsteel) come in large panels. An experienced installer takes far less time putting on these panels than laying a roof of individual tiles, keeping the project moving and saving you labour costs.

Life Expectancy

Properly installed, your metal roof should last decades, protecting the structure from water, wind, and snow. Metal roofing is resistant to insects, mildew, and rot.

Low Maintenance

We love helping clients look after their tile roofs – moss treatments, patch repairs, re-pointing, cleaning stains – but over time these costs do add up. A metal roof not only looks good and protects your property, it does so with very little upkeep.

Heat Conduction

Metal reflects radiant heat from the sun, minimising midday heat gain inside the house. This means you don’t use as much energy for air conditioning during the summer.

Minimal Roof Pitch

Planning a modern house with a gently pitched roof? Most metal roofing materials are suitable for such designs.


When they eventually reach the end of their useful life, metal roofs are recyclable.

Let in the Light

With the evenings growing darker, earlier, the first signs of autumn have hit Canterbury and winter won’t be far behind. Which rooms in your home could do with extra light? Don’t spend a gloomy winter indoors this year – talk to us about the many skylight options we have to bring natural light inside.

Skylight options for long run metal roofs.

Looking for long run roofing color options? See ColorCote color range