Lets talk about roofing

The sausages smelt great, sizzling on the barbecue. A bunch of us were sitting around, enjoying one of the few warm evenings of the New Year. The conversation turned to the year ahead.​

“Iain, you’re just like a dentist. No-one wants to make a roofing appointment in case you find something wrong.”

I’ll admit, the comment stung. But they were right.

I bet you’re a bit like me and try to avoid anything which might be unpleasant. Dental work, health check-ups, family reunions (kidding!). And working on your most valuable asset – your home – can fall into that category.

That’s why as DCM Roofing has grown we’ve done three things very intentionally:

1. Focus on solving problems

Roofing is actually a specialised trade. We strive to always have the skills and experience to make problems go away and stay away.

2. Deal with the ‘whole roof’

New roof. Re-roof. Roof repair. Chimney, flue and fireplace. Spouting and drainpipe. Skylight. Scaffolding. You don’t have to juggle multiple tradies – we’ve always got you covered.

3. Encourage ongoing maintenance

Just like brushing your teeth helps keep your smile healthy, showing your roof some love keeps your home or light-commercial property well protected and looking its best.

By the time the sausages had been scoffed and the easterly wind had picked up again (oh, summer – where are you?) I had set myself a wee goal for 2020. A goal for Canterbury, really…

To solve more roofing challenges than we ever have before. 

I wish you all the best for the year ahead. Thank you for being part of our journey.

Iain McPhail 
Licensed Building Practitioner

Financing Options Available

We work closely with a friendly mortgage broker. They can help you calculate whether using your mortgage facility to finance your new roof or roofing repairs (or skylight/sky-tube installation) is a smart option.