Large scale roofing

30,000 square metres is a massive roof. It protects a towering Christchurch distribution warehouse and is one of the largest roofs we routinely maintain. Not only do we make sure that the soaring gutters are free from debris and there is no weather damage, but occasionally we are asked to repair a hole where the forklift has punched through the ceiling!

There are 4 reasons the owner of this big building gets us to look after the roof

1. Extending the lifespan of the roof.

Just as treating your car to a mechanical service each year keeps the engine, chassis, and wheels in roadworthy condition, a regular inspection of your roof keeps your roof healthy for as long as possible. Any problems or damage are found early and rectified before they cause major issues.

How often you should have your roof inspected depends on the age of the structure, its design, plus local weather conditions.

2. Avoiding warranty complications.

Roofing products come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and not all warranties are created equal. Most are void if the roofing materials are installed incorrectly – that’s why you should always use a professional roofing company. Some are void if the damage was caused by the installation of subsequent structures, such as aerials or solar panels. And some warranties require you get the roof professionally inspected every few years or after a major weather event.

Without proof that your roof has been appropriately maintained, you might have trouble making a claim on your warranty.

3. Saving money.

For commercial properties, the potential risks are high when you have a roofing emergency. Water streaming down the walls or pouring from the ceiling is not only a health and safety concern for your personnel, but it puts your products for sale, your storage areas, and your equipment at risk of damage.

The cost of regular roof maintenance is small compared to the expense, time and potential insurance headaches should your roof fail.

4. Peace of mind.

When a roof has begun to leak, it’s likely that the problem is already much larger than it seems. Water and gravity work together to infiltrate the ceiling space, damaging insulation, wood framing, or structural steel before there’s any sign of water damage or leaks. With regular roof inspections, we can create roof reports, complete roof repairs, clear leaves, and debris from gutters, and carry out any required roof maintenance, so your roof remains in optimal condition.

A roof in good shape helps you sleep at night.