Keep on top of your roofing maintenance

The summer break can be a good time to take stock of things in your life – job, relationships, home – even the state of your roof!

For most of us, our homes are our biggest asset, but roof maintenance is one of those things that are tempting to ignore…that is, until it becomes an issue.

Concrete tile roofs, in particular, need regular maintenance. Moss, mould and gunk can build-up on, and in between, tiles, ultimately causing deterioration. The result – leaks and/or potentially dangerous loose tiles.

DCM Roofing Ltd are the experts in roofing solutions for residential and light commercial properties.

We’re experts in tile roofing repairs and maintenance.

All roofs have a use-by date and tile roofs are no exception. DCM will discuss repair and maintenance solutions with you, to help you get more life out of yours. We do concrete tile repair and replacement; pointing and re-bedding of hips and ridging. We are also licensed and qualified at asbestos roof removal and disposal.

But if you decide it’s time for a complete re-roofing solution, we can help with that too. Colour steel, for example is lighter, requires less maintenance and is longer lasting.

Did you know, most tile roofs weigh about 5 tonnes? This adds a lot of weight to your house, particularly in earthquake situations. By comparison, a colour steel roof weighs about 1 tonne.

Removing roofing material for repairs or replacement also gives you a chance to tackle those hard-to-reach places in your roof space and update your ceiling insulation. We can also replace or install sky lights while we’re there.

Call DCM Roofing Ltd for a warm, dry, energy-efficient home.