Is your insulation adequate?

The rules are changing – talk to DCM Roofing about upgrading your ceiling insulation.

If you own a rental property, did you know you could soon be pinged for inadequate insulation?

New regulations mean all rental properties will need ceiling and underfloor insulation from next July. Landlords who don’t comply could be pinged with a fine up to $4,000!

Luckily, DCM Roofing Ltd are the ceiling insulation specialists.

Our expert crews can tackle all those hard-to-reach roof spaces and places. Christchurch has a lot of homes dating back to the 70s and 80s with original A frame roofs and tricky skillion or cathedral ceilings. They often require a special thin ‘blanket’ of insulation.

Why not replace that old roof and upgrade your insulation at the same time? That way you can improve the value of the property, comply with the changing regulations and provide a warmer and healthier space for tenants.