How to choose a qualified roofer

When searching for tradespeople it is easy to become confused. What should you be looking for? How do you know they are experienced and qualified?

Experienced roofers are now required to be a Licensed Building Practitioner(LBP).

A Licensed Building Practitioner has had to meet criteria based on their professional skills, competency in the industry & quality of workmanship. In order to stay registered they are required to keep up with regular industry training.

By looking for this membership you can be assured they have met these requirements.

Ask if they belong to The Roofing Association of New Zealand. This organisation is set up as a watchdog over the industry ensuring its members are more professional, well trained, informed & better educated on all things roofing.

They are also there to discuss issues with clients & to help mediate to resolve problems.

Another thing you can check is if they belong to an organisation such as Site Safe New Zealand.

This shows the company has made a commitment to health & safety, meaning they are dedicated to not only ensuring their staff are working in a safe environment but also that you & your family are not put in any danger when work is being carried out on your property.

A site safe member has access to health & safety training and regular updates, keeping them up to date.

Ask lots of questions. If the tradesperson you are speaking to is in fact experienced they will know their products & applications.

Get a couple of quotes and look for differences in quality of products/applications & if all legal health & safety requirements have been met. Sometimes the cheapest price is not as good a deal as it looks.