Guttering Cleaning

Last month, we brought you the story of a much-neglected St Albans garage gutter that was growing its own ecosystem.

Phew, we can bring you the good news – the DCM Roofing Ltd crew have been round and sorted the situation.

Thomas and Tarquin removed the grass, moss, soil and other random organic things that had built up over time, and sealed any leaks. They found the gutter was bowing a bit from a heavy snow day (some years ago) and fitted a snow strap to help it cope with any future heavy duty weather events.

Check out our before and after images to see what a happy Christchurch gutter looks like. Our guys can set up and safely sort your gutters in no time.

DCM Roofing Ltd are the roofing and guttering experts. We offer a spouting and guttering cleaning service to vacuum out any old debris that can clog your gutters and cause corrosion over time.

We’re the unclogging specialists, give us a call.