Guess who’s thinking about your roof? SANTA!

That’s right – the jolly red chap is checking that your roof is on the Nice list, in tip-top shape to land his sleigh on. No bumps, no lumps, no leaks or saggy guttering. After all, you wouldn’t want to trip up his twinkle-toed reindeer, would you?

If you’re not sure your roof is up to Santa’s exacting standards, then best you give us a call.

Hey thanks!

We appreciate the fact that you have been an important part of our year. 2019 has been rather full but without your support, it wouldn’t have been half as much fun. So, cheers for that, and Merry Christmas. May your drinks be chilled and the pavlova be perfect.

Lunchtime Friday (20 December) is when we’ll be knocking off for a breather, and we’ll pick up tools again bright and early on Monday 13 January. Here’s wishing you a bonza start to 2020.

One more thing… your chimney

After Santa lands on your roof, he comes down the chimney, right? Will he land in your hearth with a hacking cough, blackened by soot?

Summer is the best season to maintain your fire’s flue. Over the colder months the gradual build-up of soot can impact the performance of your fireplace, restricting the proper venting of the firebox. Plus, in spring-time extra debris can find its way into the chimney, thanks to nesting birdies and rodents. Let us clean everything out for you, hassle-free and without mess.

Right now is the perfect time to schedule your chimney clean with us, not on a bitter wintery day when you’re trying to get the fire roaring and it just won’t blaze.