Grass growing in your guttering?

Eeek – we all love the idea of a clean, green world, but there’s nothing good about having a mini ecosystem growing in your guttering.

Apart from the extra pressure the weight of soil, grass, moss and tree branches puts on the guttering itself, it’s not going to do much of a job clearing out rain and stormwater (which is of course what it was designed to do).

It’s been a lush summer – lots of sun and rain, and all good things that make stuff want to grow. Pop a whole lot of autumn leaves into the mix and it all adds up to = time to clean out your gutters.

DCM Roofing Ltd are the roofing and spouting experts. We offer a spouting and guttering cleaning service to vacuum out any old debris that can clog your gutters and cause corrosion over time.

We do installation and repairs on spouting and guttering in single or multi-level residential or commercial properties.

When it comes to spouting, there’s a plethora of options and products available, including downpipes and rainwater systems, snow-straps and steel or timber fascia. Because we’re independent, we’ll propose the ones most suitable for your needs – and install it expertly!