Do you realise that half of all Christchurch homes are older than 60?

So what?

Well, 60 years is a long time to protect your family and possessions from the harsh sun, driving rain and frosty nights. And, just like every product, a roof has a timeline. Think of it this way – every second roof in Christchurch is nearing the point where it will struggle to stay watertight.

I don’t tell you this to alarm you. I tell you this because the law of supply and demand dictates that when these elderly roofs start to fail, the number of homeowners wanting repairs or re-roofs will increase. This will put pressure on the finite number of roofers and roofing supplies, which will drive up costs. You will end up paying more.

Now, I get that your roof isn’t as eye-catching as some fancy new landscaping or a new entertainment system, but if you want to make sure your roof is going to do its job well in the years to come (when the roofs around you are leaking) then we should have a chat.

I’m just trying to take the stress out of a looming problem.