DCM goes the extra mile

“The difference between being good at what you do and being average is having an eye for the small details.”

That’s certainly how DCM Roofing’s Iain McPhail sees it. He knows what’s needed for a business to have a great reputation and set itself apart from the rest.

He recalls a DCM project involving reroofing and replacing upstairs windows in a two-storey home.

“The homeowner had a little deck area down on the ground and right there was a heat pump output unit, which of course blows cold air all over you.

They told me they were upgrading the heat pump. So I said – perfect, let’s put that up on the roof, because we are opening up the roof anyway.”

However, Iain was left scratching his head when the heat pump installer went to put the output in a place on the roof that was blocking the view from the upstairs windows…and still blowing cold air.

“When you were up there, the thing you were going to see was this unit. I was like – no, I’m not having that. Now it is tucked off to the side of the upstairs windows. It wasn’t hard, but someone needed to do that thinking and go that extra mile.

Iain says there were also five skylights side-by-side in the roof – all of them leaking.

“So I suggested blocking two of them out and putting three specific skylights in there. All waterproofed. Now the roof looks good cosmetically, it’s weatherproofed, and with fewer windows, it doesn’t turn into such a heat trap, which the owners didn’t like.”

“It was a win for everyone.”