Cheers to people & places looking up!

A big shout out to the clients and suppliers who have supported DCM Roofing in 2018. We wish you and your family a great Christmas and safe and happy holidays!

Holiday Hours

Our last day in the office is Friday 21 December. We will be back to our usual hours on Monday 7 January.
Contact us: 027 445 5597

At DCM Roofing we have a unique vantage point. Standing on top of Canterbury’s roofs we get a great view of the city – and the view is encouraging. The city is developing and we are proud of our positive contribution to the city’s skyline over the past year.

Speaking of looking up… we encourage you to look up too these holidays… to your roof that is! And contemplate, perhaps over the BBQ and a few bevvies, how a new roof could improve the value of your home. – Santa won’t bring you a new roof, but DCM can!