Caring for your roof

You won’t be surprised that I’m not going to make any predictions about the year ahead. Instead, I’m going to stick to what I know and share 4 facts to help you take care of your biggest asset — your home or commercial property.


Roofing is a specialised trade

And your roof provides protection from the elements for your investment. We are roofing specialists who make roofing problems go away and stay away.


There’s more ‘up there’ than the roof

Chimney, flue, fireplace, spouting, drainpipe, skylight, scaffolding — you don’t need to juggle multiple tradespeople when DCM Roofing handle it all. We deal with the whole roof.


Roof replacements can be financed

Can you use your mortgage facility to finance your new roof or roof repairs? The friendly mortgage broker we work with can calculate that for you. Crunching the numbers is a smart option.


An ounce of prevention is worth it

Looking after your roof with an ongoing maintenance programme is worth it. Sure, we install new roofs and replacement roofs, but taking good care of existing roofs (and spouting and chimneys) on residential and commercial properties is a big part of our work

Given nobody knows how much time we’ll be spending indoors this year, it will pay to make sure your roof is going to keep you warm and dry.

Iain McPhail – Founder/Director – Licensed Building Practitioner


Remember, we work closely with a friendly mortgage broker. They can help you calculate whether using your mortgage facility to finance your new roof or roofing repairs (or skylight installation) is a smart option – Stay safe,

Iain McPhail