Bring natural light in with skylights

There’s a buzz around town — have you heard it? A certain Australian home renovation television programme has featured a house with an astonishing number of skylights. Did I hear… 42 skylights?

Now, you may have guessed (since DCM Roofing looks after your entire roof) that skylights are just one of the roofing products we are skilled at installing. We’ve seen dark hallways shine and workspaces come alive, all thanks to the right skylight or tube light.

Looking Good

Gone are the days of skylights and roof windows sticking out like sore thumbs, disrupting the visual appeal of your property. Today’s skylights and tube light systems enhance the look of your home, inside and out.

Top Performance

Thermal collars to efficiently seal the windows. Double-glazing. UV-blocking coatings. Ventilation kits. Blinds. Even inbuilt electric lighting with remote-controlled dimmer. Just some of the state-of-the-art features your new skylight could include.

Home and Work

It’s not just residential properties benefitting from an increased level of natural light. Commercial buildings can also be transformed by the right skylight, roof window or tube light.

Designed for Us

It’s common knowledge that New Zealand sunlight is harsher than other spots around the globe. That’s why the range of skylights we recommend for Canterbury homes – Keylite – is designed and made for Australasian conditions.

Safety First

Some skylights open. Some don’t. We know which can be installed, where, so you and your family stay safe.

For both new and existing roofs, skylights and roof windows are a cost-effective way to bring natural light into your building. And you certainly don’t need 42 of them to do so!

But wait… before you choose to DIY.

You need to know what could go wrong if you decide to install a skylight yourself. You could drop the unit and damage it. You might not seal the roof properly. You could fall from a great height. You might even smack your thumb with a hammer. Just the usual things DCM Roofing protect Christchurch property owners from each week. Makes us feel like superheroes.


“I can’t believe how much more enjoyable it is to prepare meals!”

A homeowner, after we installed a skylight in her low-light kitchen. No longer was she reaching for the light switch during the day. Natural light flooded in.