Add space with Keylite Lofts

Many Canterbury homes (given their age) do not make full use of the storage options available to them. One solution to this problem is to install a fold-away attic/loft ladder.

When you have easy access to the space between your ceiling and roof, it turns an unused part of the house into the ideal spot for storing those items you only use infrequently, or keepsakes you can’t bear to throw away.

The Keylite Loft Ladder is designed to make your life easy. Stylish and functional, it’s ideal for the ceiling in your garage, games room or hallway. It stays hidden until needed. And its nifty design means just one of our professional roofing team can complete the installation, so the installation cost stays low.

The loft ladder has a pre-fitted handrail for extra stability and slip-resistant treads, each with dovetail joints. It comes with scratch-resistant protective feet and the ladder can be detached. Importantly, the trapdoor itself is insulated and has a continuous seal around it to reduce heat loss.

Safe Installation

Installing anything whilst working at height means you have to take extra precautions. As ACC will tell you, falls from any height can be serious. That’s why you should ask us to install your Keylite Attic/Loft Ladder for you – we’re used to working off the ground.