A great big thank you

The last ten years have been less than ideal. But without you, our customers, suppliers and staff, it would have been worse than terrible. So, here’s my heartfelt note of thanks.

A shared history

Blimey, this last decade has been tough! I’m sure I’m talking for many of you when I say that these last ten years have been some of the hardest in business. Here in Canterbury, we’ve experienced over 22,000 earthquakes, with the significant one causing loss of life and sizeable damage to buildings and infrastructure. We’ve had a major shooting incident and a pandemic to deal with. Life has not been easy.

Come together

But what I love about the people l come into contact with through DCM Roofing is their willingness to support each other and come together for the common good. I am really grateful to all my customers, our suppliers and our awesome team for making this rocky road a bright and eventful journey. Thank you.

We’re still here

As a result of your support, we are still here and doing what we’re good at. Building new roofs, repairing and replacing old roofs and installing and repairing spouting, heating and skylights. And we’re grateful for that. Long may it last.

Next generation

Because we’re still here and able to continue our intentions to do good in the world, we want to help the next generation, too. We’re training up apprentices and building the skills of the next generation of leaders and workers.

“The feedback I receive from you is what keeps me doing what I love.”

I said this one! It’s a fun and challenging journey, and it’s the feedback I get from customers, suppliers, and staff that keeps me in the game. I love to hear from you, in good times and in bad.

Thanks, people!

It’s easy just to soldier on and keep your head down. But I think it’s way more meaningful to take stock, look around you and appreciate what you have in your life.

And there’s always something to be grateful for. I’m grateful for you, and I want to say thank you. For just being you.

Iain McPhail
Licensed Building Practitioner