A Good Roof means a Healthy Home

We’ve just clocked our wettest July on record, with Canterbury roofs bearing the brunt of downpours. We know a good roof goes a long way to ensuring a healthy home, and it’s time to see to those leaks and cracks before they get worse.


This wet winter is sure to have revealed problems with many roofs, especially in the older housing stock. If your house is from the 1970s or ’80s, it’s due for a re-roof. Ageing steel, concrete tiles, and old lead head nails could be the route of the problem. The deluge might have also challenged your butanol and spouting; we can get your roof in fighting form for whatever the weather.


If you’ve made it this far through winter wishing your home was warmer, you should start with your roof. What is the state of your under-roof insulation? You might find it’s degraded or non-existent! We can replace and install insulation, install chimneys and skylights, and re-roof your home. Don’t wait until next winter comes around just to be cold again. An investment now will save you from a more extensive problem further down the track. Give us a call to get a quote.


On top of creating a better internal environment, a re-roofed property has added buyer appeal and a better outcome for your sale price. It’s the most visible street presence your home has, and a well-cared-for roof sends all the right messages and will keep the cards in your hand when negotiating an offer. 


The past months have shown the need for quality roofing. A re-roof and looking after your roof not only make your home life more enjoyable, but they also add value to your biggest asset, all the while giving you something to be proud of. I’m always happy to have a chat and give you some advice – you look after what’s under the roof, so look after the roof itself.

Iain McPhail
Licensed Building Practitioner