Keylite Skylights

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Bringing natural light into your home is made simple and cost-effective with Keylite Skylights.

Appealing & Functional

Heard the phrase “why blend in when you can stand out?” Sometimes blending in is exactly what you want – case in point the Keylite Fixed Roof Window is designed to seamlessly blend into your ceiling and roofline. What’s more, its thermal performance is excellent. Good looks and functionality!

Maximising energy efficiency

The Keylite Fixed Roof Window has a thermal collar which seals the window making for better thermal performance and energy efficiency no matter the season. Windows are double glazed with a specialised coating which blocks 99% of UV rays and almost the same in external heat (80%) allowing for light to enter without accompanying heat or UV.

The DCM team are experienced installers of Keylite Roof Windows which are designed for fast installation. They can also talk you through comparisons products so you know you are on the right track.

Keylite Skylights

Keylite Blinds

As with many Keylite products, they have thought of the accessories that bring that extra level of comfort. Keylite blinds fit perfectly with the Keylite Fixed Roof Window to soften block and control lighting levels.

Stylish Ranges

Keylite blinds are factory-fitted and come already sealed inside the window. Choose from multiple colours across two ranges – the Keylite Style Range and the Keylite Solar Range – and enjoy greater sun shading, thermal benefits, stylish surrounds and many optional extras including manual or electric operation – good news if they are in hard to reach places. Perhaps best news of all, they don’t require cleaning!

The DCM team might not be able to help you choose the perfect blind colour, but ask them about all the finer points of each ranges’ features and what would work best for you in your home.

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